Case Studies

Beach Hut made from Tricoya®

A well-loved traditional feature of Southend, beach huts have lined the seafront since the 1950s. With 500 huts in the borough, it is important that maintenance and upkeep is achieved by the lease holder, in keeping with council guidelines.

With high moisture levels throughout the year, the original beach hut, which had incorporated particle board and strawboard panels for the roof and flooring, alongside solid Scandinavian redwood for the claddings, steps and balcony, required a complete refurbishment having battled beachfront conditions for a number of years.

Medite Tricoya, an extreme durable panel, offered the ideal solution for the beachfront conditions compared to traditional wood panels and even other durable wood products – primarily for its excellent performance in wet conditions.

GraphiusMedite Tricoya ideal for Beach Hut