Case Studies

Medite Tricoya® Kangaroo

The Vrouw Moeder Kind Centrum, a hospitable health-centre for mothers and newly born children in The Netherlands, has joined forces with Coillte Panels Products and the Fiction Factory to build a 6-metre model kangaroo.

The installation is hoped to enhance the positive experience for children visiting the centre. Chosen for its durability, longevity and versatile design capabilities, Medite Tricoya, with its additional weather resistant characteristics, provides the ideal solution for the one-of-a-kind sculpture.

The 111-piece model, which takes the shape of a kangaroo with its young sitting in the pouch, hopes to contribute to the overall positive experience for sick children visiting the centre. The symbolic sculpture portrays the intense bond between parent and child in a safe and soothing environment, and aims to welcome, inspire and soothe visitors. The kangaroo can be recognised from several levels of the building and from various ground floor points.

GraphiusMedite Tricoya Kangaroo