A new breed of MDF

Imagine an MDF panel truly durable and stable enough for use outside. A high-performance MDF panel which enables simple manufacturing and can be used in the most extreme environments.

Imagine Tricoya® a new breed of MDF

Why Tricoya®

Tricoya® are leaders in modified wood timber technology. With exceptional dimensional stability and durability, Tricoya® products open up unprecedented solutions in design and application, unrivalled in performance with a longer lifespan and low ongoing maintenance. All the freedom of MDF but with the Tricoya® difference.

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All Tricoya® products undergo a revolutionary sustainable acetylation process, reducing water absorption and rendering the wood dimensionally stable and extremely durable.

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Tricoya® offers a solution for specifiers and consumers in environments of wet, high humidity or fully weather exposed applications to deliver superior performance in a versatile large panel form.

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Flexibility in Tricoya® products deliver true design freedom for any project. Tricoya® can be cut, machined, painted and wrapped, all without impacting its unique properties.

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All wood used in the Tricoya® production process is sustainably sourced and FSC certified.

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