The leader in modified wood fibre technology

Reinventing wood panels

Durable, Stable, Sustainable: a material innovation

Tricoya® acetylated wood elements (including chips, fibres and particles) is a revolution in modified wood fibre technology from Tricoya Technologies Ltd.

Tricoya Technologies Limited in which BP Ventures holds a minority equity interest is focussed on exploitation of Tricoya acetylated wood elements used in the production of durable and stable wood panels.

Tricoya is widely recognised as the gold standard for high performance wood elements which can be used in the manufacturing of external use panel products opening up new markets.

The application of acetylation technology to wood ingredients for use in a vast array of wood composite end products is set to create new, high performance solutions that will inspire creativity and confidence and open up new markets for manufacturers.

Tricoya panels combine the stability and durability of non-wood materials with all the advantages of wood-composite panels: sustainability, versatility, light weight and ease of use, installation, coating and forming. Tricoya panels stimulate architects, users and the building industry alike, opening up new possibilities and solutions.

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