A long life solution

Looking to the future

Tricoya® acetylated wood not only competes on performance, but also benefits the circular economy, locks away carbon for years, and comes from completely sustainable sources.

Tricoya® transforms fast-growing, FSC certified wood into a EUTR compliant building material with more socially responsible characteristics than man-made, resource-depleting and heavily carbon-polluting alternatives.

Sustainable timber

FSC certification is considered the benchmark for wood sourced from responsibly managed forests that meet the highest environmental standards. All wood used in the Tricoya® production process comes from sustainable sources such as FSC certified, reclaimed or recycled timber.

Locking away carbon

As trees grow, they convert atmospheric carbon dioxide through photosynthesis into wood, before being felled and new trees planted in their place. As a consequence, CO2 is locked out of the natural carbon cycle during the lifespan of the wood or wood product. The Tricoya acetylation process minimises decay, giving that wood a product life of 70+ years, meaning generations of new trees can grow while keeping that carbon safely locked in a useful form.