Technology available under license

Global licensing opportunities

Tricoya Technologies offers licenses to manufacture high performance Tricoya based panels from acetylated wood elements. In addition to a comprehensive Tricoya brand package, Tricoya Technologies offers expertise and support to its licensees in panel forming (developed with our joint development partner), end-product applications and marketing communications.

For manufacturers of wood composite products, Tricoya® enables the production of added value, high quality, reliable, dimensionally stable and durable end-products for use in challenging indoor and outdoor applications. Tricoya® based wood composites offer compelling product differentiation and open up new opportunities.

The market for Tricoya® based wood composites includes but is by no means limited to:

  • Façade cladding/siding
  • Fascia and soffit panels and other secondary exterior applications
  • Window components
  • Wet interiors, including wall linings in swimming pools, bathrooms, wet rooms, changing rooms
  • Speciality furniture including lockers, cubicles, chairs and tables
  • Play frames, tree houses and exterior composite furniture
  • Signage
  • Automotive parts
  • Sound barriers
  • Sports equipment – surfboards, sleds, snowboards…

… and any other application where dimensional stability, durability and environmental considerations are important.